Whatever I manage to write here about Eszter will not do her justice. She doesn’t just nurse the babies she’s assigned. She nurses the whole NICU. Babies, parents, nurses and probably doctors.

She has created a special breast feeding tea to boost milk supply! She is a baby massage therapist, lactation consultant, dress maker. She has a lot of creative energy and she’s a real doer. She knows what’s going on with each and every baby and she makes a difference each day to their outcomes.

When Rose was put on home C-PAP, Eszter materialised soon after the Sleep Team left and adjusted her mask with a special Eszter method and explained how best to keep Rose comfortable in it and what to look out for. She’s even designed a better mask for Premmies!!

Rose has only been lucky enough to have Eszter twice during her entire NICU stay so far but she sees her a lot and loves her very much. It’s a thing of beauty to watch Eszter relate to babies.

I’ve been devastated the last few days about Rose’s inability to suck and Eszter massaged and stroked her mouth and this afternoon she’s a new baby, smiling and flirting and sucking fingers. Such a relief and so heartening to see such a quick about face. She’s a very talented lady and I’m so grateful for everything she’s done for Rose.

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