Chris and Rose share an ancestral home, though Chris was actually BORN in Scarborough.  His Dad plays at the same golf club as Rose’s great great Uncle Raymond!

Chris’ relationship with babies is so direct.  He relates to them beautifully… he really understands that they are little people, already formed and when you are having trouble bonding with your baby it really helps to see them through Chris’ eyes.

One rainy night when I was staying at the lodge across the road from the hospital I got in about 11pm and dumped my stuff in my room, threw off my shoes, grabbed my expressing gear and popped out to the communal kitchen to sterilise it in the microwave.. all the while thinking about how quickly I could get everything done and close my EYES!!  I locked myself out of my room!!!!

After I’d tried to think of a way back into my room and exhausted all options I trudged back to NICU and found Chris in charge.  I explained, feeling very silly and he seriously sorted me out with foot coverings, new tubes for my expressing equipment, somewhere to sleep and a bit of sympathy in 5 minutes flat!  I’ve never been in a hospital setting before where the carers are cared for as well as the patients.

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