Lessons I’ve Learned

  • dummy / no dummy
  • milton / no milton (steam bags)
  • which milk to use (freshest, oldest etc)
  • when you like to breastfeed
  • which clothes you do / don’t want them to wear
  • how you like them to sleep
  • how fast you want feeds to go down
  • this list is endless particularly the longer you’re in NICU
  • It’s also lovely to receive little letters back from nurses overnight
Care for you
  • Moo Goo is good for hands – try to use each time you wash them
  • If you’re at RHW and you haven’t discovered it yet – good food and coffee at 22 Grams
  • Occasionally try to sleep a five or six hour stretch
  • do as much skin to skin as you can (understand you may not be able to yet but it will happen!)
  • Take days off if you can bear it
  • Try to talk and LISTEN to other mums. It helps.
  • Tell your birth story – nurses are great at listening to endless birth stories and it helps you process your shock / grief whatever
  • Write a blog (of course!!) – great way to stop the hundreds of emails inquiring how you and bub(s) are
  • Cry heaps
  • Let people hug you
  • Bring headphones and listen to music during downtime
  • If your friends want to help, ask them to visit you at nurse handover with a home cooked meal and some news from their lives 😉 – helps you stay connected, feel cared for and sane
  • http://www.dinnerladies.com.au/
  • Hands free nursing bustier
  • Express to and from the hospital while driving if you can – saves heaps of time
  • Only buying a single pumping set is not economising
  • Keep track of your milk. There’re some good apps for this
  • Never chuck your milk until you know you absolutely won’t need it
  • If you are sure you don’t need your milk and need to chuck it, don’t – donate it to Rose or Human Milk for Human Babies
  • If your milk is low have a warm shower or bath and try again or find a way to laugh – a dinner with a girlfriend or a playdate with an older child work wonders
Care for your baby(ies)
  • Read to your baby (even memorising a couple of books really useful)
  • Dimples suit with foot coverings
  • Do as much skin to skin as you can
  • I didn’t do this… some other parents in NICU did – purchase a zip up fleece for kangaroo care… keeps you both warm and you can zip it up and keep them safe (if you fall asleep… I always fall asleep)
  • Intubation can damage nostrils if tube puts pressure on them. Ask your nurse to move the tube if you think it’s doing this… I didn’t!!
  • No baby list EVER is complete without mentioning hug-a-bub :-). Don’t be discouraged by the tying… a few goes and you’ll wonder why you ever thought it was difficult



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