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IMG_343420130805-103127.jpgIf you want to leave a message for Rose from this time for her to read herself in the future.  Leave a comment on this page… thought a good idea given all the beautiful comments on this blog that I give you the opportunity to send her a message directly.

3 Responses to Message Board

  1. Ann Morgan says:

    August 26, 2013
    Dearest Rose
    From the moment you were born, I got ready to say goodbye. Day by day however you grew stronger and overcame, what seemed to all of us, insurmountable odds. By the time I first held you, I was totally in love with you. You had been out in the world for 10 weeks then and just due to be born. So tiny but so strong! I could feel your determination when I held you and knew you were here to stay.
    Over the ensuing months of challenges, setbacks and small triumphs, I could see this strength in you. You totally captivated anyone who came in contact with you. Your beautiful smile and fantastically expressive eyes and eyebrows communicated exactly how you felt about your world. Your mum was, of course, the most important person but you were happy to engage instantly with everyone.
    Now you have been with us for 5 ½ months and have moved into the big children’s ward. It is lovely to see you with babies of your own age. But… we are all tired of the hospital even though they have been so incredibly wonderful. We want you home with your family. Your brothers talk about you a lot and James gets so excited when he talks about you coming home.
    I hope that the next few weeks go quickly and your surgery makes your life easier and more comfortable and leads to your homecoming. I look forward to seeing you grow and flourish and become the beautiful child I know you will be.

    With love from your very proud Gran xxx

  2. Kate Garratt says:

    Beautiful Rose, As you grow into a lovely young woman I,m sure you will read your Mother,s blog and realise what a wonderful family and friends surrounded you as you battled to live. Very few babies have had such a difficult start to life, but you definitely wanted to be here!!don,t ever forget the sacrifices your Mother and Father (and your Gran) made for you.

  3. Narelle Day says:

    Dear Rose Eir, I knew you could do it, and you did. A little fighter from the beginning, courageous and sent to remind us all of how precious life is and how precious babies are. You set the example for all of us to know how to have courage in the face overwhelming odds, to never give in, to never give up and that there is no such thing as no hope. You set the pace for your family with your fight for life and they read your message and took up the cause for you. The staff at the hospital could see how very special you were to your parents and your family and they acted accordingly to help you achieve your fight for life. Your parents have been an example to all of us of selflessness and love for each other and for you and your brothers and as you go down life’s road and fight life’s fight you can be assured you have the best and bravest behind you, supporting you and admiring your spirit and courage. There is no braver or more loved than the baby who takes up the challenge to remain with the people who love them rather than to choose the spiritual release which at the time was almost enveloping you to carry you away to another place.

    Rose Eir, after everything that could be done by the professionals for you was done so superbly, you were then supported and upheld by the mystery of life itself and here you are, to teach us all, how the human spirit is the greatest force that each of us have at our disposal, to put into action when called upon. You are one of the few who every so often are sent to teach us the lesson that we sometimes, in the course of rushed and busy lives, tend to forget and that is: we are not in control of our own destiny but we should never, never give in, no matter what.

    With love and admiration of you and all your clan members, we wish you all the best that life has to offer, from the Day Family.

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