Little School

It’s been an exciting couple of weeks for Rose.  She was accepted into a local community pre-school.  She’s really loving it and doing so well.  A friend said they thought such a milestone was “post worthy” and I was thinking about writing something but tonight, her teacher wrote something on her Storypark account that says it all really..

Well its been a few weeks now and I can see that a great relationship is beginning. Rose is getting to know us and I think she likes us! She has been making jokes with me today and showing me how she can hop on one leg. I am not really sure what prompted her to show me this skill, but she started a trend and soon everyone was hoping on one leg and yelling, “Look at me”. Rose was thrilled to have started such a craze!

She has been staying close to the teachers so far but I can see that she loves to be involved in the play of the children. Today we played a lotto game together and she clearly enjoyed being one of the gang. She was so quick on the uptake with calling out, ‘That’s me” when she found a matching card. She is also a very active participant in our story times- asking questions as well as giving me her understandings of the story. She enjoyed reading “A bus called heaven” today as she knew what was coming and she pointed out the baby sparrows to all of us. Its great that she is showing us this confidence, in such a large group.

Starting preschool is a significant milestone and so far Rose is showing us that she is building a sense of belonging to our place. She told me she didn’t want her hat on today and then before I could talk she said, “In my bag” and off she went to put her hat away. I think she is also feeling proud of being able to care for her possessions and for understanding how our day unfolds. There is a lot to learn about, but Rose is clearly up for the challenge!

An image

An image

Aren’t I lucky I have such a platform from which to boast… to be a normal proud mother watching her duckling go out into the world? Thank you for humouring me.


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Premmie born @ 30 weeks with Cervical Teratoma
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3 Responses to Little School

  1. Sharon says:

    Hi Jane we are so pleased for you. You have every reason to be a proud mother. What a wonderful milestone for Rose. The teacher’s comments were great I can imagine Rose is a very confident young lady with a wonderful sense of humour. All our love to you all x x x

  2. Lucy Lum says:

    Oh Rose – you look so grown up at Little School! Congratulations.
    How wonderful it is to read how confident Rose is starting something new and obviously very independent as well!! You should all be proud because you have brought her up to be herself in any situation – I’m sure with two big brothers she will be able to stand up for herself!!
    It is wonderful to

  3. Fi says:

    Oh I so love reading these updates! But they do so often make me cry. Happy tears though. Rose, you are such a Winner, as is your Teacher by the sound of things. Big love X

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