The Luckiest

Rose turns 3 today.


Thank you for your interest in Rose’s journey.  She’s a wonder and it is my privilege to “show off” her past year in this slideshow today.

Happy Birthday, Rosie!

Medically she is doing well.

In terms of her Hypothyroidism (no thyroid gland), her TSH, Free T4 and Free T3 have stayed level without requiring any change in her thyroxine dosage for many months.

In terms of her vocal cord palsy, her voice and vocabulary grow in strength and variety with each passing week.  She starts voice and speech therapy this week.  I’m hoping this will give her tools to help her successfully communicate with those around her.

She continues to be dependent on CPAP for sleeping and complying with this is just about destroying us (with many wake ups during the night to replace her mask)… but this is a small, worthwhile thing when we consider the damage not wearing her mask could do.

This year we’ve been fortunate and grateful to have had two talented people in Rose’s day to day life, Renae and Andrea have been her In Home Educators 2 days a week and they’ve made a huge contribution to her learning, language and enjoyment of life. It’s a priority now, for her verbal development, to increase her peer interaction.  We are working towards finding a place for her in a local pre-school.

Today we are going to the hospital for blood tests and CPAP mask shopping and to drop some book donations to NICU.  I will take a moment while we are there to think about how far Rose has come and how amazing this journey has been and how lucky I am to see her face every day xoxo



About RoseEir

Premmie born @ 30 weeks with Cervical Teratoma
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17 Responses to The Luckiest

  1. Cam says:

    Thank-you and Thank-you again for sharing Rose’s journey. She has grown up so much since I last saw her. She looks so well!!! All I hope is that you get your sleep back soon . . . must be very hard at times. You have every reason to complain far more then you do (if you call any of that a complaint) and it makes myself and I’m sure many more of us that read your journey feel extremely lucky we have healthy children.

  2. Ross Armfield says:

    Thanks Jane, that just made my day. Absolutely beautiful!!
    Happy birthday Rose and happy Women’s Day too! Ross. xxxxxx

  3. Sharon says:

    Happy birthday Rose. It was so lovely to meet you at the wedding and see for ourselves what a truly lovely girl you are. Your mum and dad must be very proud of you and it is obvious your brothers yolovyou dearly. Hopefully it won’t be so long until we see you all again. All our love sharon and roger xx x

  4. Ann Morgan says:

    Many happy returns darling girl. We are so proud of you (and mum and dad and James and Danny too). We are so lucky to see you grow and have fun and enjoy life to the utmost. Go Rosie! Love, gran and not Poppy xx

  5. Magda says:

    Happy Birthday to such a beautiful girl with the most amazing smile ! Thank you for sharing this with us, girls loved watching the pics and seeing how much Rose has grown up, as did we!

    Love to you all,

    Chamberses xxx

  6. Carol Young says:

    Jane, what a beautiful video. Pass me a hanky please. Rose is such a credit to your family. I have no doubt that she will grow up beautifully and always be special to you. With love – Carol

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  7. Emma says:

    What a beautiful post. Your last sentence brought tears to my eyes, I too feel lucky to see my boy’s smiling face every day (even though he currently excels at being uber naughty!!) happy birthday, Rose x

  8. Ann Morgan says:

    That should read “and Poppy”,

  9. Cathy says:

    That’s gorgeous Jane. She amazes me so much just seeing her racing around the playground when the boys are at tennis. She’s a real miracle and undoubtedly a young lady not to be messed with!

  10. Anne Dargue says:

    Thrilled to see the update on Rosie. Love fom The Yorkshire Family – Auntie Anne XXXX

  11. Lucy Lum says:

    Thank you Jane & Andrew for sharing these wonderful memory moments with us – I have already watched it a few times – Rose just exuberates life in her smile! Like her mum!
    I think it is special that Rose is having her birthday on International Womens Day!
    Happy Birthday Rose!
    Lucy & Trev

  12. Aunty Ali says:

    Happy Happy Birthday Rose! Wow you’re three! I’m so proud of all that you have achieved. So much love and appreciation must go to those wonderful parents of yours, especially your incredible mummy. I’ve never met anyone like her. I know you have her strength and determination so nothing will stand in your way to live the life you want. Go get em darling girl. Lots of love always, Aunty Ali xxxxx

    P.S. I’ve been trying to watch the slideshow but it won’t work for me. Guess that’s a sign I need to pop in and visit 😉.

  13. Narelle and Barry says:

    How precious is life. Rose answers the question. Andrew and Jane both of you are an example to the rest of us of what life really is all about. Both of you with the medical experts have managed to show us all what amazing parents you really are. Rose arrived to inspire all of us with her will to live and thrive and to meet adversity head on and win. Rosier, I know that you will continue to show us all how it’s done and to inspire all of us on to better things.
    With all our love and admiration,
    Narelle and Barry

  14. Ben G Morgan says:

    I only just came across this post through Insta. Such a lovely video.

    It’s so wonderful to see you, gorgeous Rose, so big and strong and happy.

    I remember holding you, so tiny, in that hospital room and thinking how amazing you were, fragile, yet obviously so strong. We didn’t know what these years would bring, but I knew after those early weeks of your life that your mum would fight for you at every turn, fight every battle, and wage war if necessary to get the best for you.

    You are two amazing women and I cherish you both – and I know your three men cherish you too and in turn give you strength.

    Aunty Laura and I can’t wait to watch you grow, Rosie, and tackle every challenge with your unique determination.

    With the biggest of hugs,

    Uncle Ben

    PS Well done Jane and Andrew.

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