Gastrostomy Closure

The day has arrived!! Rose is currently waiting at the Short Stay unit at SCH to go under general anaesthetic to have her gastrostomy surgically closed. Quite a simple procedure but a significant milestone. Marlene is doing an LBO, without the O, too so they may know more about her vocal cords post surgery.

Above is the “look” Rose reserves for Doctors.

Operation was successful. I’ll post photos here as it heals etc. for the record.

I am a bit superstitious I think now about ops. I like everyone to know when they are happening as I rely on your good vibes to help Rose through. So thanks, again!!

Way home past the old ward.

1 week after

About RoseEir

Premmie born @ 30 weeks with Cervical Teratoma
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7 Responses to Gastrostomy Closure

  1. Ann morgan says:

    Look after Miss Molly Rosie! Will talk when you wake up xx

  2. Ben G Morgan says:

    Big day! Definitely a good thing. 🙂

  3. Fi says:

    A very big day indeed! Hugs to you all & a speedy recovery is our wish for darling Rose. XX

  4. Maira says:

    Brave Mummy and Bravve Little girl! Sending lots of healing Ox m

  5. Sharon and Roger says:

    What a brave girl. Give her a big hug from us. One day soon we will get to meet this dear little girl.

  6. Lucy Lum says:

    Love the look you reserve for doctors Rose – there wouldn’t be one doctor who wouldn’t melt when they look into your eyes! This is really a milestone!
    Love Lucy, Trev and all the Lums

  7. Aunty Ali says:

    Just saw this which explains why you’ve been continually coming to mind the past week. Yay yay bloody yay!! Am so happy for you all. Massive hugs and kisses which will soon be delivered in person as you just can’t hug anywhere near as good in writing 😉.

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