A year out of hospital!!

A fitting day to celebrate with a Rose update. I have lots of photographs I want to share so please forgive the slideshow. James wrote a gorgeous book in class about Rose and dedicated it to her. I’m adding it here as I expect one day she will read this blog. IMG_5983.JPG IMG_5948.JPG I’m sure I’ve bored most if you to tears with the news that Rose did some modelling for Broken Tricycle recently. Camille Nuttall, a kind and talented photographer took a beautiful shot of her. IMG_5596.JPG  IMG_5662.PNG Rose had her first MRI post post-op brain seizures (1 year plus) to check for teratoma regrowth. They didn’t find anything of immediate concern. I was hoping they’d see some thyroid tissue that would mean her hypothyroidism may not be a life long challenge but no such luck. I guess I was pushing it! I’m looking to start working again soon. I think it’ll be good for my disintegrating brain but also it’s completely necessary after a year on one income. We have moved house recently. Still Balmain but a smaller place and a bit further away from school. I think it’s strange for the boys leaving our neighbours. They’ve always been half convinced that we were all the one family! IMG_6831.JPG

About RoseEir

Premmie born @ 30 weeks with Cervical Teratoma
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8 Responses to A year out of hospital!!

  1. Sharon says:

    How lovely to see the photos of Rose. One day we will meet her in person! You both must be so pleased with her progress. Loved the book James made about her something worth keeping. Hope the move wasn’t too stressful for you all. It was great catching up with you, Jane and the boys at Mia’s birthday

  2. Sandra Talman says:

    My what a long way you have all come in this journey together. It’s beautiful to see the clip of Rose crawling along the floor of your new home and to see her proud expression as she reaches the camera (phone). I love the story James wrote, it’s very touching. I’m so proud of you all. You and Andrew are amazing parents and I”m in awe of both of you.
    Loads and loads of love,
    San xx

  3. Kate Garratt says:

    She is just beautiful jane you and Andrew should be very proud love Nan

  4. Tracy Pasco says:

    Hey Jane, I hadn’t been on this site for a while as wasn’t sure if you were still posting on here. What a gorgeous wee girl she is turning into. You can see the determination in her eyes as she is crawling.

  5. Lucy Lum says:

    A great day of celebration Jane – Rose is beautiful and her eyes just talk to you!
    Enjoy your New Home.
    We had a wonderful weekend with Ann & Dave, it was great hearing what you are all doing & seeing photos.

  6. Fi says:

    Such a joy to read this post & see the little lady – & just how far she (and all of you!) have come.
    With love & hugs from afar Xx
    ps – new address at some stage please!

  7. renata says:

    great update Jane, !! can I pass this link onto Luke M (accountant) he was asking about you both the other day..

  8. Lady Moss says:

    Sounds like you are all growing into a beautiful rhythm as a family xx

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