Baby Glasses

After much online research and even some old fashioned calling around and speaking to ACTUAL people I settled on baby glasses from Tomato Glasses, I found an excellent blog post from a mother who seemed to have tried them all and settled on the design we’ve gone with so hopefully they’ll work well for Rose.


We went to quite a few appointments this week.  ENT finally confirmed that Rose’s left vocal nerve is not working.  It’s likely it was destroyed by the teratoma or by the surgery… whichever… it’s not there.  Her right vocal fold though is moving and apparently some children compensate wonderfully.  Rose’s situation is complicated by the fact she has considerable webbing on her vocal cords… this is scar tissue from intubation… it will require an operation down the track.  Speaking of trachs… she’d need one as she’d have to have something between her vocal cords to stop scar tissue reforming while the site healed and she’d need a tracheostomy to maintain that.

We met with Guy Henry too who is pleased with her in terms of her Teratoma removal scar and her PEG… so we don’t need to see him again for three months.

By the way…. we came home from hospital the day after Rose was admitted.  Sorry that wasn’t clear from my post and thank you for your messages xx


Rose is also swallowing a small amount of solids now.. it was a slow start as I just couldn’t find the time to coordinate everything we needed but I’ve finally managed to move her to 6 PEG feeds a day (5am, 8am, 12pm, 4pm, 8pm, 12am). The 3 hour break between feeds has made a lot more possible.




The Tomato Glasses are good! We have been really happy with them.


The talented and kind hearted, Camille Nuttall captured Rose and her glasses well enough for an ad here. Good picture of her scar too!

About RoseEir

Premmie born @ 30 weeks with Cervical Teratoma
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2 Responses to Baby Glasses

  1. Narelle Day says:

    So happy to hear that Rose is over her hospital stay and is back home and Peg feeding well. The worst part is the syringes and tubing that need to be sterilised all the time. Hated those tubes and the smell of Milton but I guess the microwave is a bonus for you. She looks so happy and self satisfied, it makes it all worthwhile. Children make their parents proud but challenged children make their parents prouder than it can ever be understood other than by those who also have challenged children. Their road is hard to tread and they do it without hesitation. She will take your emotions to where they have never been before. Enjoy Christmas with your little ones and Andrew and may 2014 be a really good year for your family

  2. Lucy Lum says:

    Rose looks so happy and well in her new glasses and so grown up since I saw her last.
    Have a wonderful Christmas – the boys must be so excited and two baby girls to enjoy on Christmas day as well. Love to all of you from “The Lums”. xxxxx

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