Coming Out

Rose Eir O’Brien, born 8 Mar 2013 at RPA, Camperdown by emergency c-section. Born with a prenatally undiagnosed cervical teratoma. Birth weight 1,390g (243g teratoma). Intubated at birth and transferred to Royal Hospital for Women, Randwick, day 1, transferred to Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick, day ~160 Discharged day 209!

We have just spent a night at home!!

Letter from Rose’s pediatrician describes Rose’s history around time of discharge as:

“… a past history of left neck teratoma excised at 18 days of age (with the histopathology confirmed to be teratoma with small areas suggestive of yolk sac tumour).  Associated morbidities were prematurity (29 weeks), low birth weight (1390g), tracheomalacia, bilateral vocal cord palsy with left sided furrow and an anteriro glottic web, gastro-oesopageal reflux, hypothyroidism and resolved seizures, influenza A infection and ventricular septal defect.”

So just a little to keep us busy over the next few years.


About RoseEir

Premmie born @ 30 weeks with Cervical Teratoma
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21 Responses to Coming Out

  1. Cathy says:

    Welcome home – both of you!

  2. Rosie Ewing says:

    Can’t wait to see you and Rose in Balmain!

  3. Emma Streets says:

    Yey! That’s fabulous news, welcome home Rose! So wonderful to have the whole family back in one place :-). Lots of love to all of you xxx

  4. Sharon says:

    What wonderful news Jane. A much longed for day I know. We are all so very happy for you all. Rose does not yet know how lucky she is to have a family like yours but one day she will understand. Hold her close and enjoy the sunshine. Love to you all x x x

  5. Fi says:

    Joy Joy Joy!

  6. Kate says:

    Yay!!! Welcome home Rose. Mia cannot wait to meet you. Lots of love Aunty Kate.

  7. Ness says:

    Hooray hooray hooray! That is the best news I have heard all year! Love to you all xxxxxx

  8. Kylie says:

    Woo hoo!!! 🙂

  9. Maira Widholzer says:

    it brought a tear to my eye, I am so happy for you, I will have a much better day today! ooxx m

  10. Sonal says:

    Wow Jane. I still can’t quite believe it! I’m sure the joys of having your whole family together will far outweigh the challenges. I will miss our weekly cuddles Miss Rose. I think I was the only spoilt one in this whole scenario (3 minutes!!!!!)

  11. Kirsty says:

    So very exciting Jane, so special for everyone! We are thinking of you all in the beautiful sunshine, what a lovely time of year for Rose to be experiencing finally. Much love to you all. XX

  12. Carmen says:

    Jane, magnificent news! I’m thrilled for you all that this day has come. xxx

  13. Everyone has said it all! Kisses & hugs all round. xx

  14. ursula garratt says:

    You are together again! Your new adventures shared! Breathing in the same space.
    God bless you, your courage, your tenacity. Love. Ursula

  15. Simon says:

    That’s great news. Good to see she has that lovely Morgan complexion. I’ll try to come down as soon as I can to see you all. Love from Uncle Simon.

  16. Diane says:

    Great news! Looking forward to seeing the whole family out and about in Balmain. Xx

  17. Louise Walker says:

    Welcome home Rose, a picture of you out in Balmain in the hugabug, I can hardly believe it’s true. Happy happy days. I hope your Mum’s explained that the little party on the harbour is in your honour 😉

  18. curleyone says:

    So happy to see you both re-entering a much nicer world, one with the whole family together! Thank you so very much for sharing your epic journey in such an honest and open way, Rose is a very lucky little lady, you are a true inspiration Jane, supported by an amazing family and community. Lots of love from the Curley’s.

  19. Ashley Dunbar says:

    I was just thinking about you guys and decided to check the blog for an update. I am so happy for your family! I’m in years. I’m so glad Rose is home and your family is together at last 🙂

  20. Sita Bala says:

    Hurrah….Welcome home to the bravest baby in Balmain ! Thinking of you all as you adjust to home life together. Look forward to seeing you soon, Sx

  21. Helen says:

    Hope all is going well with rose at home, it must be an amazing feeling having the family altogether! 🙂 xx

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