The other half..

Rose is six months old today [3 months and 21 days corrected]!  Let’s hope she spends the majority of the next six months on the right side of the Anzac Bridge 😉

My last post was terrible I know so thought I’d better write and let you all know I’ve had some much needed R&R thanks to Mum & Dad, Lou, San and Andrew… incredible that it takes the energy and resources of 5 people to give me a break but I don’t even feel guilty.. I feel awesome (and filled with gratitude of course).  I walked up Darling Street in the SUN and had a 3 hour afternoon NAP… I think I pretty much wasted the rest of the time dithering… so many things I should be doing and so little time etc etc but it was LOVELY.

They’ve moved us back to the baby ward tho’ it’s moved to C2South and…. drum roll…. we have a window!!! First time Rose has had a window so it’s just a bit exciting!

Anyway I’m back at my post and Rose is well.  She has started gurgling.. laughing.. I’m trying not to be offended that she only does it after she’s spent a day with Andrew… am I not funny?

In other incredibly exciting news: a day I’ve longed for for years is about to arrive… I’m about to become an Aunt for the first time.  I’m going to be an awesome Aunt!!  Good luck, Kate and Charlie, not long to wait now!

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Premmie born @ 30 weeks with Cervical Teratoma
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4 Responses to The other half..

  1. Fi says:

    Now that’s what I call a nice post 😉
    So pleased you had a nice day. And so pleased for Rose’s window! YAY.
    Best wishes Kate. Looking fwd to the news Xx

  2. Simon says:

    Great news all round. You know I’m the funny one Jane.
    I’m glad you two girls are popping out babies, takes the pressure off Ben & myself.
    Love to you all.

  3. Lucy Lum says:

    Happy Half Birthday Rose!! Jane you even sound refreshed – I am so pleased, you needed that longer break so much. Great news about the window – hope the birds come to visit Rose.
    I am excited for you too Kate – can’t wait to hear the news! (you are the funny one Simon – even your name on the blog made me laugh “Simon says”!! – you can tell small things amuse me!!) xxxx

  4. Kate says:

    Hi Jane and all,

    So good to hear that Rose is happier and will at least, for now, get to view her outside world for the first time out that window. Charlie and I are very excited about becoming new parents and we know you will be an awesome Aunt. Can’t wait to introduce all to our little bundle.

    Love to all,

    Kate and Charlie

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