Rose’s nasal endoscopy was inconclusive.  Marlene found the same sort of thing Joanna did, she saw the right vocal cord moving but couldn’t see the left for the swelling.  Rose has a narrow, swollen airway, could be because of the tumor or intubation could have caused it.  Doesn’t matter really – it is what it is.  As it grows even a narrow airway will become larger.  It remains to be seen if she experiences difficulties resulting from it.  i.e. she may not be able to breathe on her own effectively, colds could mean she needs to be intubated… at the moment though, Marlene sees no reason for a tracheostomy based on what she saw.

Sounds like Guy may consider Gastrostomy sans Fundoplication for now but it’s really up to Gary to puzzle all this out.

Marlene suggested she do an LBO when Guy does the Gastrostomy, in which case it would be Tuesday week.  This way she can help with intubation as she’ll be able to see what she’s doing and she can get a better look at Rose’s trachea at the same time.  Sounds okay to me. 

Rose has passed out as it was pretty full on procedure.Image


About RoseEir

Premmie born @ 30 weeks with Cervical Teratoma
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2 Responses to Endoscopy

  1. San says:

    Thanks for the update lovely. Glad to hear the news regarding no need for a tracheostomy. I hope you both recover swiftly from todays events. xx

  2. Caroline Parsons says:

    Hon, what can I do, how can I help? Is there a space in the schedule for a pizza delivery ordered from the Middle East? Is there anything YOU need (like books to keep you occupied?)

    I feel like I’m just not doing enough to help. If there’s anything you can suggest, ANYTHING, please let me know.


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