Rose has received lots of drawings and paintings of outside from her future playmates. We’ve stuck them on the glass wall behind her bed. Love.
Visit from Nisha today. Rose couldn’t take her eyes off her. So beautiful to see her connecting with other children.
Lou, Liz and Son have been doing a weekly home cooked meal roster for me and visiting in the evenings since early on. It has been such a comforting thing for me to know on those days someone is coming to see me, to care for my emotional and physical well being. It has given me strength! I’ve decided one day I’ll do it for someone else in here. Maybe another teratoma mum. You may think that’s unlikely to happen but unfortunately since I’ve been here there have been two other babies born with teratomas. Strange given how rare they are that we should overlap like this. We have very little but the fundamentals in common!

I completely take San, Liz and Lou for granted and I’ve never been disappointed. They were always going to be there for me no matter what, my fortune. But Son has been such an incredible friend to us through this time. I haven’t really found that thing they say happens during a personal crisis / tragedy, that some people just drift out of your life because it’s too big.. they don’t know what to do.. though unfortunately I’ve been guilty of doing just that to others in the past. I’ve more found, particularly with Son and some of our Balmain tribe, that people have been drawn to help us and I’ve discovered we have many special, sensitive and brave friends I didn’t appreciate we had. You’ve greatly enhanced my resilience and I am thankful. So, thank you!!!

It is a bit cheeky to say I take my besties for granted.. I meant it in a good way ;-). At the busiest time in all our lives they are carving time and energy out of their family lives to help my family, that’s no small sacrifice and one HUGE gift from not just them but their families too. Rose may have been born unlucky but she’s making up for it now. X





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Premmie born @ 30 weeks with Cervical Teratoma
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4 Responses to Care

  1. Ness says:

    Hey huni, that is such a beautiful post. I have been feeling SO guilty that we still haven’t made the trip to visit you and meet Rose, but in all honesty we have been constantly battling cold after flu after asthma after tonsilitis and then some and I am terrified to pass any of that on to you and Rose. So, again today I have woken up coughing and snotty, but hopefully this will be the last bout of viruses and Jas and I can finally spend some time with you and help you. We are aiming for the next couple of weeks (we won’t bring the kids with us for the first visit!), so fingers crossed spring will bring good health. Big big hugs and all our love xx

  2. Fi says:

    great post jane but especially great pics of some lovely & familiar faces 😉
    rose seems particularly taken with Son too. gorgeous Xx

  3. Bec says:

    Jane, you have already helped another teratoma mum immensely with your generosity and time and humour and answering endless questions. I have drawn strength from your strength and Troy always felt a little better leaving me behind knowing you were there. I know Rose will be a wonderful person at the end of this leg of her journey as she has YOU as her mother

  4. Jane W says:

    Hi Jane, What a lovely post, and what beautiful photos of your beautiful friends. It sounds like it has been a harrowing month so good to hear that perhaps you are feeling a little more inner calm these days? Your little Rose is so gorgeous. Obviously I haven’t met her yet, but just looking at photos of her you can sense an amazing presence and strength, and those engaging eyes, wow! Your friends are absolutely fantastic, what a gift they are, and of course so are you to them. I’m sure they wouldn’t want to be anywhere else x

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