The way forward..

Rose’s paediatrician will need to show us the way forward now. I’ve made a number of difficult decisions today and one is to accept that Rose needs a lot of help and I need to listen to all the people who want to do that.. carefully.. with open ears… that’ll be new 😉

We are fortunate to be surrounded by so many talented, clever and caring people.

Beautiful, kind, gentle Judith visited us on her way to work (NICU) this evening. Rose really loves her so much. I often wonder what impact all the incredible nurses who looked after Rose will have on her. It’s lovely to see her face light up with love when she sees them.

We’ve settled in a bit here tho I have too much stuff, as usual, and I don’t know how anything works but there’re some incredible parent room mates who do so I’m learning.


Anyone [healthy] who has been wanting to visit.. now is the time. Set aside 2 hours (3 if you want to see ME) and come sit with Rose so I can grab some sleep. I will find a way to repay you one day or maybe I should start a Rose Co-op… maybe I already have… this project definitely requires the whole village.

Thank you, people x

I leave you with a photo of beautiful Auntie Sandra who held Rose for the first time about 2kgs ago but I wasn’t there to take a pic!! San has cooked for, cared for, counselled, loved and prioritised Rose’s food source always but particularly since 8 March. We wouldn’t have made it even close to here without you, thank you (yummy roasted veggie salad!!) xxx


Bit more news and speaking of food sources… maybe don’t read on if you’re squeamish about bodily fluids… I’ve suspected for a while there’s something wrong with my EBM. The older frozen stuff has a metallic smell that I noticed first when Rose vomited it all over me [yum]. Googling.. as I do… sounds like it could be a Lipase issue so I’m just giving her fresh for 24 hours to see if it improves her vomiting. Could help with her aversion to breast feeding if it’s a taste issue. She doesn’t breast feed at all anymore! Fingers crossed tho I’ll be dev. if I can’t give her my old milk, it’d be a small price to pay for a breast feeding breakthrough.

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Premmie born @ 30 weeks with Cervical Teratoma
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5 Responses to The way forward..

  1. Lucy Lum says:

    What beautiful photos – how contented Rose looks with Aunty Sandra in her new room!
    Fingers and toes crossed for a breast feeding breakthrough.
    I would love to visit Rose, and a bonus if it helps you get some sleep. I will email or text you soon to see when it is suitable.

  2. Ness says:

    So so gorgeous! Can’t wait to finally meet Rose and be of assistance to you! Hopefully this is the last of our winter illnesses (Benji getting over tonsilitis at the mo!) so Jas and I will come down and visit and give you a break. We can’t wait! xx

  3. Rosie Ewing says:

    I would love to visit Rose, and be on a roster . Mondays good for me, unless I hear otherwise will come Monday morning.
    Love Rosie

  4. Abi says:

    Great decision Jane. It feels like the right one. And lucky Sandra – who I want to thank too, for also taking the time to help me feel connected to Rose’s beauty way back at the beginning and in spite of me being so far away. Meant the world to me. I guess ‘that’s what friends are for’ … And in joke you could only get if you go as way back as we do. Makes today’s beautiful pic even more special to me. Love you all. A xx

  5. Kate says:

    Hi Jane and Rose. The new diggs look great! I’m so glad to see that she has her thumb in her mouth in true Morgan style. Hope I can come and see u all soon. Love Kate

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