A change

The day started out well. Rose cracked 4 kilos!!

Just before 3 I had a message on my mobile from NICU saying a bed had become available at SCH and that we’d have to move by 3 so could I come back.


We moved.

So we’ve followed a lot of other acute patients from NICU! In fact, everyone in our room (capacity 6) is from NICU. We are among friends.

Fortunately Chantelle happened to be visiting this afternoon. She helped us settle in which took a lot of the stress out of the move.

Liz brought me some overnight gear and dinner but most importantly her level head and beautiful sharp mind for which I am constantly grateful.

Most importantly I met Rose’s paediatrician. I suspect he is as good, possibly better than I’ve been told. Thank you fabulous Hannah’s for your efforts on our behalf on that one and to Son for making me confident of the recommendation.

So Rose and I are residents at C1South. The promised day has arrived!!

It’ll take a lot longer than I currently have to process this one. A post down the track I think.

Good night.


About RoseEir

Premmie born @ 30 weeks with Cervical Teratoma
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5 Responses to A change

  1. That’s great news, Jane! What an achievement for Rose to crack 4kg & move. Glad you’re amongst friends there. Hope all continues to go well. xx

  2. Son says:

    Yay to you and Rose, what a huge day. By the look of that photo Rose obviously likes Gary too!

  3. Vanessa Kingston says:

    Awesome news Jane! What a wonderful step forward! Thinking of you all and praying the good weather helps us to get rid of all the viruses and infections so we can finally see you and meet rose. Big big hugs xx

  4. Lucy Lum says:

    Sorry I didn’t respond to surrender last night. I couldn’t stop thinking that any of us would be feeling like you “absolutely terrified of unnecessary intervention and its consequences” & yes just how do we tell what is unnecessary??? All you can do is listen to the experts and then listen to yourself. Ann said it blogs ago – you know Rose better than anyone, so listen to them and to your instinct and weigh it up.
    Thats enough of surrender – now to change!!! Congratulations Rose on being 4kg and moving to a
    new home all in one day and even looking happy about it. New doctors may give another aspect to
    help you make these hard decisions.
    I must make my replies briefer – you know me I am longwinded!!
    Hugs full of hope!

  5. Amy-Kate says:

    Hi Jane! If Rose’s Paediatrician is the man in the picture then I can attest to his brilliance!

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