Rose is 150 days old today!

No celebrations… rightfully I say.  We are sick of here.  We want trees and sky and birds singing, children laughing… waves lapping etc. etc.

I keep thinking about that blissful year (well may you laugh) when James was a baby and we LIVED at the park.  I used to lie him under the trees and he LOVED them.  Nature’s mobile.  Rose deserves all that too.  Can you believe all her life she’s been outside for maybe 1 minute when she was transferred, heavily sedated from RPAH to RWH?   I can’t wait for her to feel and see nature.  It’s made me realise what I believe is important, a human right…. the things I feel humans should not be asked to live without and also where I derive a lot of my pleasure at being alive from, almost as important as human interaction and relationships, is the beauty of the natural world.  That was never as clear to me as it is now.  I feel like it’s particularly important for Rose as a baby to experience OUTSIDE.  I guess that may be just me wanting to be out of here… maybe….

We are going to have a naming ceremony for Rose when she’s well.  Centennial Park and you’re all invited.  It will be a BEAUTIFUL day and I imagine it often.  When I’m outside I look at the sky a lot and notice breezes and fresh air and all I want to do is rush inside and grab Rose and take her out in it all…. and it’s not even Spring!



About RoseEir

Premmie born @ 30 weeks with Cervical Teratoma
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4 Responses to Rose is 150 days old today!

  1. Caroline Parsons says:

    Sweetheart, that post made me cry. Seriously cry. I’m really glad you’re letting all your emotions out through this blog. You have the soul of a poet. I just hope you can take R out soon!!

    If it makes you feel better, we don’t have any trees, birds or green parks here either. We have water but it doesn’t lap (no waves). There’s just a whole lot of sand.

    If you want a bit of that, let me know and I’ll send it right over…

  2. Ann Morgan says:

    Oh Jane! I was thinking just the same when I was sitting with her on Friday! You feel like unplugging her and going for a walk in the sun. It WILL happen!

  3. Lucy Lum says:

    Yes Jane – it will happen. Happy 150th day dear Rose! We will be at your naming day with bells on!

  4. Ness says:

    It must be excruciatingly painful not to be able to enjoy the beautiful outside world and nature with Rose. We certainly take it for granted at times. You will get there Jane, and it will be the most amazing day of your lives I imagine. We look forward to sharing Rose’s naming ceremony – what a wonderful celebration that will be! All our love, xx

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