NICU crying theory

Lou reckons I should put this one out there (or rather here).

When Rose was first born and we entered NICU world I spent a lot of time and energy trying not to cry. I so wish I could have that time again so I could use that misplaced energy to unashamedly, openly cry. I’m not sure there are too many places on earth where it’s more appropriate to cry.

I think anyone not crying in NICU should be asked if they’re ok. Crying should be accepted the same way wearing swimmers at the beach is.

… lastly – they should have better tissues!!!


About RoseEir

Premmie born @ 30 weeks with Cervical Teratoma
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5 Responses to NICU crying theory

  1. Kate says:

    Too true! And….. Those tissues are really bad. 🙂 love to all. AK xxx

  2. San says:

    I couldn’t agree more Jane. xx

  3. Absolutely. Maybe they need a ‘all visitors to bring soft tissues’ policy. Jx

  4. Abi says:

    I’ve used those tissues at work in Sydney and that’s where they belong! NICU parents should have soft, double ply premium tissues that make it a small pleasure to blot those tears. I am feeling a bit privileged. The one chance we have had to FaceTime, you did cry and I’m glad you let it out then. But you were home that day. NICU is a bit alien and full of routines and restrictions, I think it’s hard to let your guard down sometimes. Maybe if Kleenex sponsored the parents room with decent tissues and a few nice quotes about letting it all out on the walls, people might feel encouraged? X

  5. Cathy says:

    That would be one of the soundest theories I’ve heard – it simply should be that way, but with those ‘man-sized 3-ply’ tissues at the very least. Take a deep breath Jane and let the floodgates open – it’s the least you can do for yourself. Cx

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