It’s all about the grams

Rose has been steadily losing weight over the last week. Apparently it happens now she’s breastfeeding. It takes a lot of energy. I’ve been quite concerned as she’s vomiting quite a bit too but her weight went up today!! It feels like a pretty huge victory for her. If it goes up again on Friday I’ll ask the Neonatologists if I can go to 4xBF per day.

Once she’s fully breastfed the trick will be giving her her meds!!

Meredith Ward (Neonatologist) mentioned if we are here any longer we may be transferred to the Children’s Hospital. I think this would be a great thing as there are more specialists and therapists available and you can sleep overnight in same room as your child. One thing at a time. Though I find that things mentioned on rounds soon after come to be so worth mentioning just in case.

We are blessed to have you guys on our side! We are being so well cared for. Thank you again for the truly delicious, nutritious and love filled meals and for your thoughts, gifts and help with the boys. You continue to sustain us and this translates to me having more to give to Rose. Thank you!!!

I do feel quite isolated and out of the loop in here and I wonder frequently what’s happening with you all. I would love a digital pic of you and your family to put up on Rose’s wall so she can see who her people are. She’s so lucky to have so many incredible people loving her and wishing her well.

We are eternally grateful to you all. X


About RoseEir

Premmie born @ 30 weeks with Cervical Teratoma
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