Our little thumb sucker..



Rose is on the lowest possible amount of High-flow but it should still be helping to keep her floppy trachea open so air can do it’s thing. They’ll keep her on it for a while yet. She lost 210g since her last weigh in, before the LBO. She’s been on full EBM for that period but also had a lot going on including fasting for a day pre-op. Previnar immunisation today. Keeps being bumped.

Interestingly Rose hasn’t had a dry crusty mouth since the LBO. I mentioned this to Teena (the same person as Tina – I just didn’t know how to spell it) and she said the HMF (breast milk fortifier) absorbs a lot of the water from the breastmilk it’s mixed with. Makes sense. She’s going back on HMF so it will be interesting to see if her dry mouth recurs.

Still no BF. Her throat is too sore and yesterday afternoon she vomited and cried most of the afternoon so my guess is her reflux is still a big issue.

Fran, Rose’s nurse yesterday said she thought she wasn’t far off moving to level 2 and that we’d be able to take her for a walk in a pram once she’s on bolus feeds and off ventilation. Promises, promises… but I think the boys would like that.

I’ve spent afternoons as well as mornings at the hospital since I started trying to BF and then after LBO. It’s putting too much strain on the rest of the family but I’m finding it difficult to leave. Hopefully Rose really is on the home stretch and we can stop pushing the limits of our little family unit soon.


About RoseEir

Premmie born @ 30 weeks with Cervical Teratoma
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3 Responses to Our little thumb sucker..

  1. Kate says:

    Finally you get a thumb sucker to take after you! 😜 She looks a lot happier today. Hope that she moves through stages quickly so you guys can get back to a bit of normality. Low to all. Xxxooo

  2. Chantelle says:

    Finally you have a little thumb sucker! You are welcome to drop D over anytime. Xx

  3. Vera champion says:

    Beautiful x I remember the ongoing fasting, delays and being bumped. Hated it!! Cohen only gained 500 g in the 7 weeks he was in hosp from birth. Dreaded weigh ins

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