Goodbye bed 11

Rose is being moved to another bed on level 3. There’s another baby on level 3 being nursed behind a black line (different bug) so we are being isolated together. Makes no sense to me as increases risk of them sharing their bugs (although so far she’s been bug free for weeks if most recent test was accurate).

It’ll be nice to be somewhere quieter as we were beside the doorway before. I was hoping we’d get some natural light too but no such luck. Fair enough really as the other baby probably needs a window spot more than Rose as he’s 5 months old so should be in natural light as much as possible.


We weighed her at cares this morning. She’s lost 70g since Monday. Weight loss may be due to trans-pyloric feeding, energy expended breathing and the pauses in her continuous feeds due to tubes being coughed up. Her immunisation deferred again until after LBO.

About RoseEir

Premmie born @ 30 weeks with Cervical Teratoma
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1 Response to Goodbye bed 11

  1. Vera champion says:

    I remember bed moving. Hated it. Especially those days when I would arrive in the morning to the room and bed where Cohen was and he wasn’t there! Silly aye. Rose is so cute, she is like a doll.

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