Infarix Hexa

Rose had her first immunisation around midday. Went smoothly. I held her while her nurse gave her the needle. She behaved as you’d expect. No temps yet. I still can’t help imagining all that poison going through her body… but it’s done now.

She’s gained 100g since Monday, still having frequent destats but she’s coming out of them without assistance.

Now she’s in a bed I’m being given a lot more freedom to handle her. No one hovers over us telling me what to do anymore. I almost miss it.

Not in a blogging mood so will keep it short. Have a good evening and thank you for all your messages xxo

I know this stylish hat will make a few of you want to rush to the shops but resist!! She won’t need hats in NICU soon as her temps are good so should be able to do without. 🙂

About RoseEir

Premmie born @ 30 weeks with Cervical Teratoma
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2 Responses to Infarix Hexa

  1. It is a particularly stylish hat! it’s horrible watching your tiny baby have those jabs Just feels wrong when you want to protect them from pain.
    Thinking of you. xx

  2. Ann Morgan says:

    She looks so cute and very peaceful. Hope she stays that way. xx

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