Open bed

Rose was moved to a bed overnight.

She’s having frequent destats, vomiting &, delightful topic, loose stools. They’ll replace the trans-pyloric today to help with reflux. It stopped the destats and vomiting last time.

I’ve said yes to immunisations but she has to stop vomiting first and they are going to space them over a week. Just whooping cough and HIB.

Once she weights about 2.5kg they’re looking to do the LBO. they’ve said I can’t try breast feeding until after that. Tho’ if she doesn’t like food in her stomach it’s hard to imagine that’ll go particularly well so my expectations remain low (publicly anyway). She’s 2.34kg at moment.

She sucked my arm with great interest yesterday. I almost spontaneously grew an arm nipple, I’m sure 😉

She appears to have Tracheomalacia as she has a stridor which is worse when she’s suffering from reflux. The reflux can also worsen the Tracheomalacia. It would be surprising if she didn’t have significant problems with her trachea but I’m not sure why she’s only displaying symptoms now. I’ll ask at some point.

I’m feeling depressed today. Something to do with Monday rounds I guess where they hand babies over to next round of doctors in great detail. Level 3 bubs are not good this week. In fact Rose might be best of them, poor little mites.


About RoseEir

Premmie born @ 30 weeks with Cervical Teratoma
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3 Responses to Open bed

  1. Fi says:

    Rose is looking relatively comfy in her new bed! A good leap forward. Hope the Monday-itis passes soon enough…Xx

  2. Lou Hannah says:

    I love you baby rose. We are glad to see you growing up to be a big girl. We cant wait to give you a big cuddle when we get home. love finn and indiB.

  3. San says:

    I hope Tuesday has begun as a better day lovely. Rose looks stronger each time I see (pic or in person) her. A full kilogram since birth – wow. I’m thrilled to hear it. Fingers crossed the destats and vomiting has ceased. Xx

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