Daniel asked to see a photo of himself when he was a little baby (ok he said wittle but we knew what he meant). I pulled photo above off Flickr to show him. He said, I didn’t have any tubes. So he’s definitely thinking about Rose and what she means to him!

Photo below is of jaundiced James, the only post birth complication we had had to deal with pre Rose. Don’t she and James look alike?


Feel a little bit like Sophie today. I’m at home with Daniel so we are going to do something fabulous and make it count. I just called the NICU and Rose survived all night on High Flow. Her gastric (feeding) tube has been moved back to her nose now she’s not on C-PAP (Jennifer – thought I’d try a different format for that word tho it was pretty crap. I fear we’ve not seen the last of it).

If I did go in today I’d probably try to rush the first breast feeding attempt. No equipment stopping us trying now! She’s had great nurses for last few shifts so I’m feeling relatively comfortable about being an absent mother.

Speech pathology need to be present for any oral feeding attempts so Rose has a couple of days grace (until Monday when they’re back) before I start man handling her. Hopefully they’ll be a restful and weight gaining few days and she’ll continue to do well on high flow.



Andrew came home with horrible headache at 2 but said I could do 4pm cares so I ran out the door. Rose had been good all day even breathing on her own. But when we took her out for a cuddle she seemed to choke a bit and dropped her stats (heart rate / oxygen). Not great news.. I’ll send update tomorrow but if she continues to have difficulty breathing it’ll be back to C-PAP.

In other news they’ve gone to 2 hourly feeds and she seems to be tolerating them this time.

About RoseEir

Premmie born @ 30 weeks with Cervical Teratoma
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2 Responses to Q&A

  1. Ann Morgan says:

    That is really something to look forward to darling!

    I knew from the first she was just like James. Shape of face, set of eyes, chin, nose and mouth all so alike. The memory I have of him being born is an indelible picture in my mind. Such a privilege to have been there for them both. Just wish I could spend more time with Rose and you.

    Mum xx

  2. Kate says:

    Hope all went well last night! She is looking really great Jane so much more alert. Love the photos of the boys. Brings back lots of memories. Love you. Kate

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