Hi Flow

One more day and Rose will be 38 weeks. Strange to think what I’d have been planning for at this stage if she was still inside me. It would have been all excitement and planning and doing the things I wouldn’t be able to do for a while with a newborn.

We are trying high flow again today. Main reason for switch seems to be that her CPAP cap was irritating her eyes and they’re very swollen. She’s got quite a bit of eye discharge too but a swab from Monday has come back with no infection present so hopefully it’s just external irritation. Not holding out great hopes for the high flow but at least it’ll give her head and nose a break from the CPAP equipment.

Just had a lovely warm cuddle and we both passed out (in a good way). Fingers crossed no apnoeas on high flow.


About RoseEir

Premmie born @ 30 weeks with Cervical Teratoma
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4 Responses to Hi Flow

  1. San says:

    Hi Gorgeous,

    I do think of that often – how Rose is not yet full term and how the ‘expected 37-42 week pregnancy’ allows us to prepare for birth, newborn, how we think our life will change. Nothing about how the beautiful Rose came into the world aligns with this I know.

    I then move on to how incredibly amazing it will be when she gets to finally reside in the family home with Mum, Dad and siblings at her beck and call. What a day that is going to be!! For me it will be one of the happiest days of my life.

    Thanks for the pictures, the photo and picture in my head of the lovely warm cuddle you shared.

    Much love,
    S xx

  2. Ann Morgan says:

    It’s lovely to be able to see her face. Poor little mite – her eyes do look irritated. You do know what is best for her as you said she was uncomfortable and trying to wriggle out from the CPAP.

    Lovely for you both to have cuddles. Thanks for posting lots of photos to keep everyone up to date.
    Lots of love,
    Mum (aka Gran) xx

  3. Vanessa Kingston says:

    Good luck with high flow…our thoughts and prayers are with you all. She’s such a gorgeous angel, and such a strong soul. I’m so glad YOU are her mum Jane…you are the best mum in the world!
    We are hoping to meet rose very soon and give you all big big hugs xxxxxx

  4. Lucy Lum says:

    Poor Rose – her little eyes look so sore. I have been on my CPAP since Feb and my eyes get irritated if there is any air escaping and I have to jiggle to make sure it is on airtight and she can’t do that – if she goes back on the mask pop your hand there to feel if there is any leakage. I get a rash as well and mine is old well worn skin so my heart goes out to her with such new and delicate skin.
    Thanks Jane – it is easy to see journalism runs in your family, you have such a wonderful way of expressing yourself with words – I could just close my eyes and imagine you both cuddled up asleep. How precious.

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