Quiet Day

If I believe everything I’m told, Rose had a peaceful day today. She does look very peaceful at the moment. Apparently she’s the only baby on level 3 today who is not causing trouble

Level 3 is the “top” level of NICU where Rose is. It’s primarily for babies who can’t breathe on their own or need an op. Then there’s level 2 for babies who are sick but are not on ventilation and level 1 where babies learn to feed and put on weight before being discharged.

Ophthalmologist just came to do an eye test which I HATE (Rose doesn’t like it much either). They do them routinely to check for warning signs of retinal detachment and other eye probs common in premmies. I find it so difficult not to tell them to leave her alone!!

She made a noise during the exam. Loudest I’ve heard. Think it’d be screaming the hospital down in a newborn baby but was tiny screeches from her.

After the eye test she vomited. Vomiting is not great given they’re giving her meds with her feeds and they’re trying to get her to put on weight. She’s gone to full HMF now though. Since 11am today so that’s 5 feeds on full HMF before a chuck. Good sign.

If I sound anxious, I am communicating effectively. Not sure I can sustain this level of anxiety. Hopefully it’s a just a stage!


About RoseEir

Premmie born @ 30 weeks with Cervical Teratoma
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4 Responses to Quiet Day

  1. Kylie says:

    Have all the stages you want Jane…you’re allowed to. I was going to say that you continue to amaze me….but you don’t…cause you’ve always been that strong, motivated, thoughtful person and you have to bat for Rose…ask all those questions…and if you’re not happy with the answers…ask some more. Be anxious, be happy, be sad and everything else in between. Always thinking of you and sending oodles of love xxxxxx

  2. Ann Morgan says:

    Peaceful sounds good. I can empathise with the eye exam – can’t imagine how it is for such a tiny person! Thanks for the explanation of the levels. Even though I’ve been there I didn’t understand that. Give Rose a cuddle from Gran – wish I could do it myself xx

  3. San says:

    Hey Gorgeous Girl, thank you for the news of you and Rose. You are such a natural and selfless Mum Jane. I love you. Try to focus on your breath to slow your mind. xxx

  4. Ness says:

    Hey huni, thanks so much for all of the updates. We are always thinking of you and wondering how you all are going. You are such an amazing person jane and the best mum rose could ever ask for…which I’m sure is why she chose YOU to be her mum. Keep doing what you are doing,but also take five minutes out every now and then to breathe deeply and slowly, and clear your mind and body. Big big hugs xxxxxx

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