Tracheostomy or no Tracheostomy

So… today is the day they try to remove Rose’s ventilation tube (the one that goes thru’ her nose). If she can breathe by herself then she’ll be free from everything that’s tethering her to her crib and that means I can hold her AND start to try feeding her… lots of ifs but we are very hopeful. She should go in to theatre around 10am. I’ll have an update this afternoon..

UPDATE: they ended up taking her just after 1. I’ll stay until she’s out and I’ve spoken to drs. Looks like even if she can’t breathe independently today she won’t be trached but reintubated.

About RoseEir

Premmie born @ 30 weeks with Cervical Teratoma
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7 Responses to Tracheostomy or no Tracheostomy

  1. Kate says:

    Wishing you all the luck in the world. Our love an thoughts are with you and Rose.

  2. Ann Morgan says:

    It will be hard to concentrate on work this morning! Sending you both all my love and positive feelings for a fantastic outcome. Mum aka Gran xx

  3. Vanessa Kingston says:

    Our thoughts and prayers and love are with you all! Big big hugs, Ness xx

  4. curleyone says:

    Big day for you all, hang in there as best you can. Hope it goes smoothly. Jen xoxo

  5. Abi says:

    Thinking of you all constantly, hope today went well for Rose and she is free to be in your arms. Lots of love and prayers. Axxxx

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