Looks as though LBO, extubation, removal of neck dressings and central line will happen 10ish on Tuesday. They’re going to use a local anaesthetic to remove central line. Not sure about LBO. but all going perfectly well, Guy thinks it’s possible she won’t require a tracheostomy. Which will mean we get to do Kangaroo Care!! Not sure about breast feeding but suspect her sucking reflex will need more time to develop. Jen – you might know answer to this one?

Rose will be given caffeine to give her a chance to be as alert as possible so that she can use her lungs. Apparently it’s a small amount and nothing to worry about…


She had a great day today. Slept for most of it. Less vomiting. Looks pretty comfortable.

We brought the boys in to see her which lasts about 5 minutes before they look like they may start to tear the place apart but it’s great to see them interacting with her. They both have passport sized photos to take to class tomorrow. The nurses take a lot of photos. Is it surly of me to hope they’re not using the flash?

It’s 7pm and I’m in the milk room with a couple of other mothers expressing before going home. I’ll be back in tomorrow 7-1, San is visiting us, then my first school pick up tomorrow! Will be nice to return to the boys’ world.

About RoseEir

Premmie born @ 30 weeks with Cervical Teratoma
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3 Responses to News

  1. Hellen and Joel Mclean says:

    Rosie is looking fantastic. Good luck – hope all goes well.

  2. Ann Morgan says:

    Great news about the tracheostomy. She looks better every day.

  3. curleyone says:

    Jane, your little Rose is looking so gorgeous, the progress she has made is really amazing, you must feel very proud of her (and your whole family). From memory the reflex kicks in from about 34 weeks maybe? It is slowly does it with inevitable ups and downs when it does, feeding really tires them out. Believe it or not my NICU details memory has actually faded, I hope that gives you belief that this traumatic journey will one day feel more like a chapter of your life rather than all consuming. I do remember having all the same emotions you are describing, fighting the clinical environment, knowing it is not natural, wanting so desperately to take control of my own baby. I wish I could offer some expert words to help, but all the feelings just have to be felt for you to be able to process what has happened and what is happening (and i know how painful it is). Know though that Rose needs all this science so she can one day be home where she belongs, know also she already has a bond with your gentle, loving, non clinical touch. You and Andrew have made sure she is getting her best possible care. Look forward to your Kangaroo cuddles they will be something else (have tissues on hand….that memory hasn’t faded!!) Hang in there, Jen.

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