Weigh in..

Andrew did cares last night during which, Katie, Rose’s nurse weighed her. She weighed 1,780g. She was born at 1,390g and had a 300g tumour removed so she’s putting on weight well. I look forward to the day when weight gain is our main concern! 690g in not quite 4 weeks must be pretty good. Apparently 80g every 2-3 days is optimal.

They’ve taken the tape off her forehead overnight so you can see more of her face.


I did cares and rounds this morning after a visit (and lift – thank you!) from Lou. They have started fortifying the EBM that they’re giving Rose. I don’t like it and asked if she could have one normal feed (out of the 12 she has per day) but they’re so steeped in science that they think I’m mad not to want to give her every chance. I want her to have one normal pure thing the way it’s supposed to be!

I’m starting a campaign on King Furniture’s Facebook page for a new sofa for the parents room so if you see my Facebook post, please Like it.

This is the old sofa!

Doctor’s are waiting to decide best time for Rose’s next procedures (Laryngo Broncho Esophagoscopy LBO/remove central line). In the meantime she should have a quiet day or two so blog might go quiet while we all have a rest xx

Today is Wear Green for Premmies Day.. but I’m already dressed 😉

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Premmie born @ 30 weeks with Cervical Teratoma
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  1. Wow! That’s great news about the weight gain. Lovely to see her little face without so many patches. And it was lovely to see you holding Rose the other day – how special! I hope you get that quiet day or two and, I’m sure, some much needed rest. Will definitely ‘like’ your page. Not a very comfortable or comforting room.

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