Day 24 / 33 weeks + 2

Ollie and Liz dropped me in this morning for rounds and Ollie met Rose. Benjamin stayed at ours and played with Daniel (and Andrew!) while Uncle Ben took James to the Sydney Royal Easter Show!

Guy Henry, the surgeon who removed Rose’s teratoma was at rounds this morning, he seemed reassured by her MRI. He is keen to get her in to surgery to take out the central line they put in for easy access (blood / drugs?). Her chest is quite red and it may be a sign the line isn’t sitting in the vein anymore. Could cause bleeding / infections so he wants to take it out “formally” and close off the vein with a couple of stitches. He’s proposed removing the line when Rose is intubated. They are intubating her to explore her trachea and assess whether or not she needs a tracheostomy. She’s breathing a bit for herself so there’s a small chance she won’t need the tracheostomy.

Meredith, Rose’s neonatologist this week, is keen to keep her quiet and stable for a couple of days to give her brain as much rest as possible so the intubation and central line removal will not happen for a couple of days if not a week.


Rose’s cares are at 11am at the moment so I’m sitting here typing this while I wait to do that. It will be nice to touch her and see how she reacts. Her eyes are really swollen at the moment so she can’t open them but I’m looking forward to meeting her eyes again – I think I’ll be able to see if she’s ok or not if I can do that.. but maybe not 😉 will stop rambling..

About RoseEir

Premmie born @ 30 weeks with Cervical Teratoma
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