Day 19 / 32 weeks + 3 days

Rose has come through her surgery.  Unfortunately the boys and I have a yucky cold so Andrew kept solitary vigil at the hospital.  She went into theatre just before 11am and came out just now.

Dr Henry thinks he managed to leave a very squashed looking thyroid but he either had to remove the muscles in the front of her neck that run down to her collar bone with the tumour or they were damaged by the tumour (Andrew wasn’t clear on this).  He’s left the skin from the tumour for her to grow into.  Her nose tube is still in place so still the risk her vocal chords will be scarred but he managed to avoid all nerves as far as he’s aware and definitely all arteries etc.

We’ll find out about the rest as she recovers from surgery and the tracheostomy question will be answered next week as they want to put a camera down her throat to assess the condition of her throat etc.

So this is all very preliminary and she’ll have some challenges recovering from the surgery but the doctors were pretty pleased with the operation.

Thank you for holding your breath with us.  Longest day in history!

About RoseEir

Premmie born @ 30 weeks with Cervical Teratoma
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